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Garage Conversions Scotland.
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Across all areas including Fife, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Ayrshire, Dundee.

Reasons to convert your garage.

What do you use your garage for these days? With cars getting bigger and houses getting smaller, more and more garages are turning into wasted space. These days, garages tend to get filled up with forgotten fitness equipment, old toys and useless memorabilia that would take more time to throw out than it is actually worth.

In days gone by the family car had to be protected from the elements – but that was before they were routinely galvanised. So, if you can park in the street, don’t let this valuable asset go to waste! Converting a garage can be one of the most cost effective ways to add space to your home and it can even add extra value too – a garage conversion’s value will rise in tandem with the house price.


Moreover, a well-made garage conversion can bring extra daylight into your house. If your garage is attached to the side of your house, installing glazed doors for access will make that adjoining room lighter and more airy!


Let’s take a look at some of the most popular uses for that defunct old garage:

garage conversion ayrshire.jpg

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular uses for that defunct old garage:

  • Another Lounge

  • An Extra Bedroom

  • A Childrens’ Playroom

  • A Larger Kitchen

  • A Home Cinema

  • A Home Gym

  • A Home Office


Another Lounge Is Actually The Most 

popular garage conversion. Think that having two lounges is excessive? Just wait till those cute kids turn into teenagers – you may not want to snuggle up on the sofa with your son and his spotty mates every night of the weekend. On the other hand, if you work for yourself and pay for office space elsewhere, perhaps you should size up the cost of having your own home-office, factoring in the added value to your house when you come to sell it. In comparison to building an extension or a loft conversion, converting your garage will most likely add the most extra floor space for the least extra expense. Read more about the conversion process below!


11. Batten out walls and ceiling

12. Fully Insulate walls and ceiling

13. Plasterboard walls and ceiling
14. Suspended timber floor on floor joists on joist hangers Install floor joists.
15. Lay 1200 gauge dpm over existing concrete floor and turn up behind wall plates.
16. Install floor insulation inbetween joists.
17. Install chipboard floor boards to floor.
18. Ames Tape Plaster walls.
19. Fit skirting boards and window sill to match existing
20.Box in Electric Box (if required)
21.Install double electrical plug sockets
22.Install down light fittings
23.Install radiator.
24.Final clean and snag prior to handover.
25.Provide a 10 year Guarantee.

Garage Conversions Scotland 

1.Provide Architects Drawings
2. Process Building Warrant Application & Fee.
3. Removal and disposal of existing garage door.
4. Provide a Skip on-site
5. Dig-out and install footings / ground lintels to support new walls.
6. Tooth out existing garage door reveals
7. Supply & Install external matching sill.
8. Build new brickwork external wall and blockwork internal wall including lintel, brick ties, dpc, cavity tray, air vents etc at position of old garage door.
9. Form new entrance to conversion at back including fit new lintels, cut out cavity, fit lining stops and architrave
10. Supply & Install double opening matching pvc window.

garage conversion falkirk
garage conversion ayrshire.jpg

Garage Conversions Scotland

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