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  • Will I Lose Much Light?
    No the standard polycarbonate roof is opaque and limits light intrusion, with the majority of light delivered into the conservatory through the windows and doors. The new painted white roof also brightens up the space and reflects the light that comes through the windows & doors. it is considered that the installation of this system on average only results in a modest light loss of about 5%.
  • Will It Look Different?
    Inside Yes, externally it will look the same if you want an internal conservatory conversion, if its a full tiled conservatory roof conversion it will look more like a sunroom, extension. Internally you will have a solid vaulted plastered ceiling.
  • I Have Some Roof Window Openings Will I Loose Them?
    Some Customers Want Roof Openings Leaving In, Some Want The Roof Openings Covered. So Its Entirely The Customers Choice.
  • Will The Roof Require Cross Ventilation?
    Yes an air gap is retained which is hidden within the depths of the system, also behind the external guttering ventilation is installed ensuring that there is enough air circulation to prevent condensation being formed.
  • What Effect Will The Additional Weight Do To The Roof?
    The roofs are all either galvanized mild steel or aluminium and are designed to withstand wind loads and snow loads and human traffic with huge tolerances.
  • Will I Lose Much Head Height?
    No because the system follows the existing profile of the vaulted roof.
  • How Long Does The Process Take?
    The process with take around 5 days depending on the size of your conservatory and the weather.
  • Will The System Damage My Conservatory Roof?
    No the only thing that would need to be replaced if for some reason you was to take the system down, are the internal pvc covers on the glazing bars.

Conservatory Roof Conversions

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